The storm is coming: The story of GDPR

There is a storm coming to companies organizations and authority’s . That’s is the new EU Regulation THE GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation).

On may 25 2018 the storm is rolling all over the world and many will be overrun by it and have to pay the fine up to 20million Euros or 4% worldwide annual turnover.

The GDPR is regulation is about personal data. How we securely use, store and handle but also policy’s documentation and many other things.

In 20 years the data laws didn’t change a lot, but now GDPR wave swipes through the data protection laws.

The storm is not only hitting the EU but all the countries that stores personal data that comes from inside the EU.

Don’t get caught unprepared. Start your homework now. Put on the lifejacket Fasten life lines, secure the headsail,  when you don’t get surprised how much impact the storm will do.  Hopefully you will ride out the storm smoothly.


“The storm is coming” contains a couple of parts explaining GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in different way. GDPR  will change how we protect and handle personal data.

GDPR –The Storm is coming–The story of GDPR

GDPR Part 1– The Holy Grail — Personal Data. 

GDPR Part 2– Enter the Bunker — PBD (privacy by design)

GDPR Part 3 –Abandon the port –Portability

GDPR Part 4— Fort Knox –Data breach

GDPR part 5– Sandbox fight how to blame


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