GDPR Part 4— Fort Knox –Data breach

GDPR Part 4— Fort Knox –Data breach

You are Uncle Scrooge swimming around in money and personal data in your Fort Knox. Outside in the dark the Beagle boys are lurking around. Soon they will start hammering on your wall. Of course the alarm bells go off. The Beagle boys penetrates your wall and get some money and personal data out before they must run away from the security guards.

You will have to repair all the damage and try to realize what was stolen. You must go to your surrounding neighbors and the major of the city, and explain why their night’s sleep was interrupted by the noise. In top of all problems the major isn’t happy so he gives you a fine for letting the Beagle boys in.

The regulation is clear: If you have a date breach where personal data can be used by someone else. This must be reported to authorities (within 72 hours) and you must contact affected persons. If you haven’t secured the personal data, you can be fined 4% of company’s global turnover.


GDPR Part 4— Fort Knox –Data breach is part 4 of “The storm is coming” GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) explained in different way. GDPR will change how we protect and handle personal data.

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