GDPR Part 3 –Abandon the port –Portability

GDPR Part 3—Abandon the port – Portability

You’re sailing in to your Port. The sun is shining and the wind is just perfect. The docking went smooth and everyone is happy. Then you realize that something isn’t right. The goods that you want to sell or trade is no longer available. As you enter the tavern you soon hear everyone talking about the newly opened port. This port has been taking over all the trading from all ports around. Next day you set the sails and start the journey to the new better port.

The portability is that all information a company stored about you, must be exported in a standard format to you if you want it. This means that you can transfer all your data from one social network and use the data on another network. This is a part of the regulation so the company can’t refuse it.


Abandon the port –Portability is part 3 of “The storm is coming” GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) explained in different way. GDPR will change how we protect and handle personal data.

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GDPR Part 3 –Abandon the port –Portability

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