GDPR Part 2– Enter the Bunker — PBD (privacy by design)

Enter the Bunker — PBD (privacy by design)

You walk into a bunker from the past: It’s been locked and no one has entered since then. You can feel the moisture and odor when you enter. Somebody told you “Go in there and clean up”. Soon your eyes adjust. You realize that you have to be very careful. There’s lots of ammunition around you  and chain reactions can be triggered anywhere.

Where do you start and how? You will have to figure that out.

With the new regulation GDPR, individuals have the right to know what kind of personal data you stored about them. They also have the right to make you change the data and even delete their records.

What does it mean to my company?

Companies have to look into new and old systems. They must know what kind of personal data is stored and where.  If you delete one record, will it start a chain reaction? Investigate systems, start working with policies and functions to secure/delete/change/extract personal data.

A good advice: Try to have this functions implemented before 25 of may 2018 to reduce the impact.


Enter the Bunker – PBD(privacy by design) is part 2 of “The storm is coming” GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) explained in a different way. GDPR  will change how we protect and handle personal data.

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