GDPR part 1 — The Holy Grail– Personal Data

Imagine the holy grail, filled with the finest champagne. You drinking it and enjoying the taste. It’s made of the grape ”personal data”. Probably you do what’s necessary to keep the champagne safe. If you spill this fine champange you will be sorry.

This is how EU what’s you to think about Personal Data: USE it (if your allowed) but always PROTECT it.

What is Personal Data?

In short “any information that can point out an individual”.

Personal Data is any information relating to an individual in private, professional or public life. It can be email, telephone number, IP address, DNA, social security number, photo, street address, or even text in a document.

For example:

“The tall man how works at that store on that street with a scar on his ear”. Even if its indirect it’s personal data. Someone will easy go to that store and point out the man. This is the basic of GDPR: Protect the individual. If you add “he is bisexual and part of a criminal gang and arrested for robbery” then the personal data is classified as sensitive data and needs to be protected even more.

As a company/organization you will have to know how you store and handle personal data and you have to protect it.

____________________________________________________Part 1– The Holy Grail is part 1 of “The storm is coming” GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) explained in different way. GDPR  will change how we protect and handle personal data.

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